A Travel Theme Baby Shower

The only thing as exciting as finding out your pregnant is finding out your sister is pregnant. My younger sister, Kristie, is expecting her first child in about 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier. I am so unbelievably excited about being an Aunt. How awesome will it be to spoil the little boy rotten and send him home to his Mama? Ahh I can’t wait!

baby shower biscuits

When I first found out, I immediately started pinning and planning for the baby shower. How the heck did people plan parties before Pinterest? Seriously! With Pinterest & the help of Kristie’s friend, my other sister and step-mom we were able to put together quite the impressive Travel Themed Baby Shower (if I do say so myself).

Here are some of my tips and inspiration for throwing a Travel Theme Baby Shower!


Now, I’m no party planner. In fact, I’ve only thrown a handful of parties (mostly for my kiddos). But to me the most important part of throwing any party is personalization. When i first started thinking about my plans for the baby shower, my main focus was on the mom-to-be. I tried to think about her likes and dislikes, her personality, and ways to make the shower truly reflect who she is as a person. My sister is a free spirit who loves to travel, is passionate about eating healthy & being vegan, and she’s so funny and caring. She actually had the Travel idea for the nursery, so we decided to use that as the baby shower theme. We ordered some fabulous, delicious vegan cupcakes in strawberry, coconut, and vanilla – Yum! We chose incorporate some handmade items for a special touch. One of my favorite pinterest ideas that we found, was the poem that we included on the homemade invitations (see below) asking guests to bring a used or new book with a handwritten message for the baby. What a great way to establish a meaningful book collection. Adding personal and creative touches to any party is a great way to make it special and memorable for everyone.


Who doesn’t love some handmade goodness? I believe most beautiful things are handmade. Luckily for me, I have an aunt who is extremely crafty. Seriously, I look forward to her handmade cards and gifts for my kids every holiday. She made some amazing Travel Theme post card invitations for the baby shower. I ordered a handmade vintage passport journal to use as the guest book for people to write wishes and advice for the parents-to-be. We had a table set up with plain white onesies for each guest to decorate and add their personal touch. I used a chalkboard to add some information about the baby and parents for people to read as they entered the room. We made a small white board with pictures of the parents when they were babies and a picture of the baby’s sonogram saying, “Who do you think Silas will look like?”. Put in the time and create something special. You will not regret it.


Not everyone’s a fan of the typical baby shower games, so we decided to keep it simple and fun. As I mentioned before, we had everyone decorate a onesie and decided to turn this into a game by having my sister choose her favorite one (she had no idea who did what). Another game we chose to do was the clothespin game. Everyone had to grab a clothespin when they walked in the door and then every time someone said the word “baby” they got to take their clothespin. The person with the most clothespins wins. See, simple and fun! Lastly, this one was a little more complicated, but it was a printable where you had to try to match the word baby with the language that it belonged. This game was a little more tricky, but it fit the theme perfectly and gave people something to do while the presents were being opened. When choosing games for a baby shower, be unique and keep them simple and fun!


baby shower giftsPinterest has great ideas for gifts to give to the game winners. We had 3 games and 3 gift. We gave a bottle of champagne, bath and body products, and hand towels. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on the gifts, but try to add a little something extra to make it fun!

A baby shower is such a happy time and it deserves to be remembered in every way. Take photos of everything. Include the little details, the gifts, the laughter, and the joy. A baby shower can be very overwhelming and exhausting for the mom-to-be and may even seem like a blur when its over. The pictures taken will help to put all the pieces together. You will never regret having too many pictures and someday, when the baby shower is a distant memory you will be thankful that you captured it all.


Most importantly, don’t get too caught up in throwing the perfect party. This is a time to celebrate.

Socialize, photograph, eat, laugh, and enjoy!

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